Brand strategy + design for people who feed people

Who's flipping those hotcakes?


I'm just here for the food.

Hi. I'm Mara Lubell. Mara like marinara, maraschino, marinade. I have a deep connection with food—and with knowing what makes people want to try yours. I've been working with quick service businesses and restaurants of all shapes and sizes for over 20 years. In that time, I found that it's more gratifying to help a small, independently owned shop take a big leap, than help a big chain move the needle one percentage point. 

That's why I started Hotcakes. To give independent shops the tough love they need to play a bigger role in that landscape. I've helped a cupcake shop go from the verge of closing to selling out every day. I've helped a shaved ice brand go from a food truck to three company-owned locations. I've helped a frozen yogurt shop go from being the new kid on the block to putting his competitor out of business, and another go from one store to a global franchise with over 600 locations.

Besides me, what those brands have in common is the guts to take their brand in a direction that may not please everyone, but that will be insanely loved by some. Because that's what it takes to start growing in the right direction. You've got to be all in. Are you in?